Some Goals for 2012

I’ve decided not only to join the pagan blogging project (late I know), but set myself some personal goals, which are:

1) Memorise at least one Orphic Hymn in Ancient Greek. Probably the Orphic Hymn to Hekate to recite at the crossroads at night when leaving offerings.
2) Use my art more often as a devotional practice.
3) Finish preparing the garden for growing food.
4) Improve my writing skills and do more devotional writing.
5) Improve my knowledge of the stars.
6) Improve my health in general.

I will probably post my first ‘A’ post later tonight and hopefully get my second ‘A’ post near completion and posted in a day or two.

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For Dionysos I

Finally finished this. I should learn to stop doubting my abilities and just finish my artwork.

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A New Blog

I’ve been quiet recently, I know. I won’t go into why, but I’d like to direct your attention to my new blog, Aithaloeis Theos, a blog devoted to Hephaistos. Since Hephaistos is the god I am primarily devoted to, it will become my primary blog, while this blog will become a place where I post miscellaneous observations.

I hope you have all been keeping well. Take care!

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14th October 1066

On this day in 1066, the Battle of Hastings occurred. It is an important date in English history, since it is the day that Harold II Godwinson, the last Anglo-Saxon king,  died. Harold II’s death paved the way for William the Conqueror to become the first Norman King of England. Being English, I find this date to be important. It marks the end of an era and the beginning of a new one in English history.

So to mark the events of the 14th October 1066, I honoured Harold II and the other war dead who fell on this day. I also honoured Hestia, Eris, Ares and Athene, gods whom I find to be especially important on this day.

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The Aphrodite of Cyprus Revealed

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Homeric Hymn to Helios

“And now, O Mousa Kalliope, daughter of Zeus, begin to sing of glowing Helios whom mild-eyed [boopis] Euryphaessa, the far-shining one, bare to the Son of Gaia and starry Ouranos. For Hyperion wedded glorious Euryphaessa, his own sister, who bare him lovely children, rosy-armed Eos and rich-tressed Selene and tireless Helios who is like the deathless gods.

As he rides his chariot, he shines upon men and deathless gods, and piercingly he gazes with his eyes from his golden helmet. Bright rays beam dazzlingly from him, and his bright locks streaming from the temples of his head gracefully enclose his far-seen face: a rich, fine-spun garment glows upon his body and flutters in the wind: and stallions carry him. Then, when he has stayed his golden-yoked chariot and horses, he rests there upon the highest point of heaven, until he marvellously drives them down again through heaven to Okeanos.

Hail to you, lord! Freely bestow on me substance that cheers the heart. And now that I have begun with you, I will celebrate the race of mortal men half-divine whose deeds the theai [the Mousai] have showed mankind.”

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The Dogs are a Barkin’

I done my usual routine on Hekate’s Deipnon and left an offering at a nearby crossroads. This time it was a bit different. After leaving the offering and turning round, a dog started to bark in the distance, which was a bit peculiar since the dogs had been quiet that night. Coincidence? Who knows, regardless I found it quite odd at the time.

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