Extreme Metal and Dionysos

I’m a huge metalhead, but as I’ve gotten older I have gotten into Death Metal a lot more; so much so that I’ve been learning how to do the guttural vocals without fucking my throat up in the process. One of my favourite bands is Behemoth, but I can find their lyrics questionable at times but the music itself is fantastic nonetheless (to me anyway).

Well, they done a song called ‘Daimonos’ where they refer to Dionysos and even put in a part of Orphic Hymn 45 to Dionysos in the song which is what I want to mainly focus on. The excerpt from the hymn starts round about 2:30 and lasts for nearly 20 seconds.

“Come, blessed Dionysius, various nam’d, bull-fac’d
Begot from Thunder, Bacchus fam’d
Bassarian God, of universal might
Whom swords, and blood, and sacred rage delight”

Hearing this then got me thinking, since Dionysos is a loud roaring, noisy god; I’m sure this form of music would be pretty decent for Dionysian worship. Being able to ‘roar’ is also quite ecstatic to me when it is done correctly. If only I could harness my vocals and find some like minded folk so Dionysian extreme metal could be a reality, but alas.

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4 Responses to Extreme Metal and Dionysos

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  2. Kullervo says:

    Nergal, the lead singer, has had to face criminal charges in his home country for the content of Behemoth’s lyrics.

    • Ophiokhos says:

      Was it because of Behemoth’s lyrics? I thought he was facing blasphemy charges for tearing up a bible on stage, he’s been found ‘not guilty’ though.

      • Kullervo says:

        Oh yeah, you’re right. I followed it pretty closely last year–even getting involved in some commentary in world of law blogs and legal blogs–but it had droped off my radar since then.

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