‘From the Dionysian Days’

Today I created a sacred space in the back of my garden dedicated to Dionysos, Pan and the nature spirits, it seemed like a good place since it is shaded by trees and there is quite a bit of ivy growing there. I then done a simple devotional, I burnt incense and poured water since I had no wine at the time.

I had never honoured Dionysos until today but it was a profound experience nonetheless. Profound enough that I will attempt to have wine stocked at all times ready to offer to the god, since it will surely become a frequent occurrence.

I will also share this song, since it is relevant to this post, enjoy!

Golden apples from the grove fall down the tree
And make all the Bacchants gather in Arcady
To dance on the Festival of the Tragedy
And eat the fruits of ecstasy
In the midwood twilight, on his pipe plays the faun
In the green temple, from the dionysian days, watch the dawn.
Goot-foot God rise your Rod, be free, know the world
Hath need of thee and Arcady
Goat-foot God, play your pipe, tonight, wild and free.
Your melody out of Arcady

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6 Responses to ‘From the Dionysian Days’

  1. Wow, that sounds like a gorgeous place to honor the gods. And I’m so happy to hear that you had such a profound experience with Dionysos.

    Also … damn, that is an awesome song for Dionysos. Very operatic!

    • Ophiokhos says:

      Thanks Sannion, it was a great experience. :)

      The majority of Therion’s work is operatic, they did start off as a death metal band though. ‘Vovin’ and ‘Secret of the Runes’ are my personal favourite albums by them.

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  3. Erik says:

    What an awesome song!

  4. Chas says:

    Very moving. And I may have to download the song too.

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