I think for my first post, it’ll be fitting to go over a brief history of my spiritual path. I was raised in a relatively areligious household. My mother is an eclectic pagan but she doesn’t really talk about it much, my father is irreligious and my grandmothers were Christians. I can’t really comment about the rest of my family since religion isn’t something that is discussed often.

There were some elements of Christianity present when I was growing up, but not so much that it was suffocating. In fact, my interest in Ancient Greece and its gods were originally fuelled by my primary school, which was a Church of England school! However, for a while Ancient Egypt was the subject that had my heart the most, while Ancient Greece took the back seat.

The Olympians by Monsiau, circa late 18th century.

When I was in my mid teens, I decided to have a go at practising Kemeticism. While I love Ancient Egypt and its gods, the religion as a whole didn’t work for me. It didn’t help that I was being pulled in different directions by different gods of different cultures, which ended up making me become an eclectic pagan for a while.

However this wasn’t fulfilling for me in the long-term, I wanted a firm path. At this time my interest in Ancient Greece started coming up to the surface again, so I ended up reading more into Hellenism. What I read clicked with me, because of this I decided to start practising it and ever since I’ve felt quite at home. But I feel like I can’t leave behind Ancient Egypt and its gods completely, this is why I want to reconstruct the Greco-Egyptian religion.

That is all, take care!

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